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--Do you have a minimum for booking?

We DO offer bride-only package depending on details, please inquire for requirements!

Grooming Shaves, beards, and haircutting: $300 minimum to book. (equates to about: Groom + 2-3 other Party services inc. travel)


--Do you offer airbrush makeup?

Yes! Some of our artists use the airbrush gun, others prefer to apply the AIRBRUSH foundation, by sponge or brush. Sponge or brush is a better choice for those that may be self-conscious of any vellus hair (peach fuzz)

Airbrush foundation applied by sponge or brush is like applying traditional oil or mineral foundation, except it is water-based foundation. Leaving you with the same result as the gun, light, airy, and long-lasting!

--How do we book with you?

Here are the first steps to booking with Fades Beards and Beauty:


1. Fill out the inquiry form on our Contact Page. List a good e-mail for estimates/quotes/invoices. List as many details as you can about what you're looking for service wise and estimate of party member services.

2. Once you receive our automatic mailer with our pricing, please reply to setup a phone consult or get a contract to review.

--A phone consult discuss pricing, quote, trial and general booking questions is highly preferred--

3. Once the contract is completed and signed, you will be sent an Invoice for the Booking Fee. Once we set the Trial date (about 1-2mo from the wedding) an invoice for the trial date will be sent a week prior to the chosen date. The Trial invoices are all due by appointment time, 24hrs prior. All final invoices are due no later than 7 days before wedding date (invoices are sent 30 days from date)

*You may trial first. If you trial first, a trial must be set within 1 month of request in order to decide if you'll be using our services or not. After the trial, you have 5 days to decide if you'll be booking with us or not. If you decide to book elsewhere, that retainer fee is non-refundable or any of the trial fees. If you decide to trial before signing, it is highly suggested to trial again closer to the event date.

4. All services and # of party members are due by the trial date. Any service changes to the wedding, will still be due. We understand life happens, but we book and pay all needed artists as soon as we receive the final service list at the trial date. 

*Bookings are first come, first serve. Then all others will be put on a waiting list if potential bride wants to trial first. You will then be alerted if date becomes available.

--What do we do for skin and hair prep before trial and day of?

Exfoliate skin 5-7 days before services. That includes lips! A good natural scrub is a mixture of 2Tbsp raw honey and 2Tbsp brown sugar for the lips and face! 

Did you know Raw honey has anti-bacterial properties, as well as anti-viral and anti-fungal? It is great for healing acne and is also a humectant and draws moisture to the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Moisturize and tone a week before services as well. Sunday Riley and Dermalogica both have affordable, but high-end products available in combo kits!

NO makeup. Make sure face is clear of any makeup, including yesterdays mascara and liner.

NO wet hair. No dirty hair! Dirty is NOT better! Shampoo it evening before, but no conditioner. Conditioner causes hair to be too sleek for curls to hold. 

NO rubberbanded hair (buns) Hair ties leave creases in hair and we have to straighten kinks out, taking extra time.

Bring any veil or accessories. Wear white top so you can get a feel for what you'll look like on Day Of!

--DO NOT WAX DAYS BEFORE TRIAL OR DAY OF WEDDING-- You will have raw skin that no makeup will be able to set to. 

--How do we pay? Day of, or before then?

A wedding invoice is sent out 30 days before the event, unless the date is close to the event. Unless otherwise noted, all costs must be paid at least 7 days before the event. The trial invoice is due 24 hours prior to the trial date.

It is the bride's responsibility to pay the 'Total Amount Due'. There will be no individual payments taken from the party.

Invoice reminders will be sent weekly until paid, we accept PayPal & CC paid through Invoice. Tips can be paid to artists through Ca$hApp, Venmo, PayPal, or cash. 

--Do you do extensions? And do I need to buy them myself?


$25 for trial and $25 fee day-of for any bridal party member who has extensions in hair when the artist performs updo.

--Is MOB/MOG same pricing for makeup and hair package as Bridesmaids?

If they want full updo and full-face makeup, then Yes. 

If they prefer their own makeup but would like only their eyes done, that is $50. 

If they’d like their hair done but have short pixie-style hair or just want curls, then that is $50.

What about Flower Girls or Junior Bridesmaids?

Flower Girls or Jr Bridesmaids, Anyone over 10 will be charged as Bridesmaids pricing unless they’re doing Curls only ($50) and Eyes Only ($50)

--Can you breakdown Travel Fee?

$1/mi TO location only. One-way charge only, Per artist.

Tolls/Valets/Parking will be expected to be paid on the day of.

--How do event & wedding trials work? 

Trial days are 2-Hr consultations for hair and makeup. 1-hr per service. (Mandatory unless agreed upon, or FL booked weddings exempt)

Bring along any hair accessories you would like to add for day of.  You can bring 1 guest to trial (Guest may watch but cannot interrupt consultation between artist & bride)

Trial days are:



Saturday/Sundays: 8am, by availability. 

*Wear white top so it'll best represent what you'll look like on the day of. Bring any accesories you may want to use.

--Where are consultations/trials held?

At the Fades Beards and Beauty studio.

--Are trials required of any other party member?

No. Trials are primarily for brides. The weekends are very busy with weddings, and barbershop/salon clients to attend to during the week, so trial days are reserved for booking as many brides as possible. It is only by booking bride trials that we are able to meet every bride's needs and deadline.

--What is the 7:30am extra charge for?

If Artists are required to arrive before 7:30am to start services, $25 early-start charge is applied. 

If services are required to be performed before 7:30am and are more than 50 miles away, hotel rental cost will be applied to total.

--Can you add services day of?

If any of the hired artists have time at end of agreed-upon timeline, then there is a possibility. Artists are hired upon contracted service hours. We may be able to accommodate a service if time allows.

No service changes within 30 days, cancelled service costs will still be due. (Excluding illness such as COVID, or family emergency)

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